Why You Should Book an Escape Room Birthday Party

Today we’re talking about birthdays, they may not be your favourite day of the year but we love them. We also see a lot more people come here to celebrate them too. The reason for this is that it’s such a great way to celebrate your birthday, all those you get every year and those special milestone birthdays. What better way than to celebrate your birthday with an Escape Game Challenge in one of our themed rooms?

Birthday parties can be expensive

Birthday parties can cost an arm and a leg. Whether you celebrate at home, at the pub, or hire a venue, once you’ve paid for all the food, entertainment, etc, you’ve got an empty wallet. With Escape Room Games you pay only for your ticket in and everyone else can pay for their own, and then it’s just you, your friends and the game. 

Live entertainment game for those that love to talk

Yes, it’s a game and it’s a great opportunity to communicate in an interactive game that is fun and for everyone. Look at everyone’s communication styles and how people interact with each other, it’s a great way to see how people collaborate. It’s a great opportunity to work with your friends in a way that’s both challenging and tremendous fun.

Escape Rooms are for everyone regardless of age

Anyone under sixteen will need supervised, but as long as there’s an adult there, they can take part too. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to take part either, it’s not that difficult and yes a child can definitely play, so Escape Rooms are for the whole family - what better way to celebrate a birthday?

No, you don’t like surprise birthday parties or dinner-parties

If you’re shy and you like to be in a small group of friends, a massive party might be the last thing you’d want, and who can blame you? Not everyone is a fan of the surprise, much less the surprise birthday party. If you don’t fancy walking into a crowded room full of friends and family bellowing happy birthday at you, and making you want to cringe - and maybe there’s one or two not-such-great-friends there too who’ve come as well, you might be in the mood to run for the hills. Perhaps Escape Room Games is the very best alternative, and just the thing to keep you happy. Small groups in an intimate setting, but also having tremendous fun. What could be better than this?

Escape Peterborough - for the best birthday you’ve ever had

If you’re sick of traditional birthday parties, you hate surprises and no, you don’t want to sit around a dinner table making boring conversation with people you’d rather not be in a room with, why not book a room with us and have the time of your life. A nice intimate setting, one room, a small group of friends and some clues to chase down. We can guarantee you’ll love it! Book online or over the phone and we’ll see you here at Escape Peterborough!

What Type of Escape Room Player are You?

So what type of Escape Room player are YOU then? Do you go where no one else dares to, or are you the relentless one who won’t give up until the very last second? Well today we’re going to take a look and see which type of player you are, and you may find you’re the ideal Escape Room Game player – and designed to win.

The Relentless Pursuer

Are you the one with a fixed stare, the one who starts an investigation that never stops until the clock stops? Are you the one everyone else is just a little bit intimidated by? Perhaps then you’re the Relentless Pursuer, he/she who must win and never, ever gives up until someone says it’s over. You’re very determined and you don’t stop, you’re an asset to the whole team, but try to make sure you’re not still looking after the game’s ended and someone has to remind you it’s over.

Are you the compulsive one?

Perhaps you visit Escape Rooms all over the UK in a bid to try and win all of them. You love it so much you know every single room and you’re quite happy if people know it. No one will know the game better than you do, no one will be able to understand the game the way you do, because nobody else knows it as intimately as you do. 

The Lead man or woman?

Are you the one who takes control – every time? You’ll be the delegator and the leader. The person who will make sure everyone is doing everything they’re supposed to be doing. You can stop any friction and keep people on task, that way the job gets done. Yes, the game wouldn’t go so well or be so successful without someone like you there to delegate and over any arguments or disagreements. 

The Dorky One

Yes, he or she is the one who picks at the locks, goes over every clue with a fine-tooth comb, discussing each one in detail at the pub later, and then discusses the intimate details of the game with everyone who took part and even those who didn’t. In the meantime, you’ll be the one with all the attention while you’re in the room, finding clues, solving them and then understanding every single bit of each one.

The One Who’s-Always-Unsure

Yes, you’re the one who is never able to make up their minds. You’re all over the room, and all over the place. You can’t seem to decide what you’re supposed to do, and you can’t make your mind up about anything else either. You have no methodology, no focus, and frankly no idea. This could cost everyone if someone else doesn’t take charge. It could be a matter of someone keeping a close eye on you, and you’ll be glad they did because it’ll keep you on task, so let someone else take charge, and keep your attention where it’s needed most.

Escape Peterborough – so, which one are you?

Have you been able to recognise yourself? Are you any of the people we’ve described above like you? Or perhaps you know someone who fits the bill for at least one or even two of them? Why not choose your team wisely, and then book your room with us either online or over the phone? You and your team can then do their stuff once you’re here. 

Escape from Your Studies

Being a student can be so stressful and we believe it’s crucial to take a break once in a while and get out of the room or house you’re staying in. We believe that Escape Rooms Peterborough are designed in an excellent way to let off steam and relieve stress. In our experience students certainly enjoy it.

Escape the Books and the Computer

It’s the perfect way to escape the drudgery of books and illuminated screens. We see students come here who go away feeling so much more relaxed than when they arrived. They come in looking tired and exhausted, they leave laughing and joking with friends. Proof if any were needed that playing our Escape Games here at Peterborough is a great way to unwind and relax. You’re locked in a medium sized room with 60 minutes to escape. Your room will be themed, and you’ll need to find and then solve some clues, which have been carefully hidden. You’ll need to work as a team, finding and then working the clues out together so you can unlock the door and escape before your hour is up. You may not be successful the first time, but the important thing is you’ve tried, you’ve enjoyed the experience, and you can always come back and try again.

Come Back And Enjoy It All over Again!

Students come back many times because they love it. We see enough of them repeatedly who want to go through the whole experience again, regardless of whether they were successful, or not Once you’ve played, you’ll go back to your student accommodation feeling much happier about everything, so if you’re looking to feel less stressed out and calmer, you need to come on down to Escape and try it for yourselves.

Escape Peterborough – for the kind of escapism you’ll never forget

So now you know what there is to get up to here and that it’s the best way of all to escape from your studies, surely you’ll be eager to join us? You’ll have a great time and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure you forget your university studies for the time you’re here. Book your super Escape Games Room online or over the phone. Peterborough Escape can’t wait to see you!

What are Escape Rooms?

We’re going to explore exactly what Escape Rooms are today, and we hope that after we’ve gone into some detail, you’ll be having a ‘sit up and listen’ moment as you see how amazing they really are. It’s a great time to visit Escape Rooms because they’re becoming so popular with people from all walks of life who come here time and again to play our Escape Games. Often, people don’t succeed the first time, but they still come back again and again because they enjoy it so much. We’re convinced you’ll be feeling the same way….

So what are the Escape Rooms?

Escape Rooms are medium sized themed rooms to look like a famous film, book or story that’s captured the public’s imagination. It can be anything from popular culture. Most of our rooms are almost identical across the country using the same themes, although there are some variations in each location. We have Harry Potter, Area 51, Contagion, Taken, Sherlock Holmes amongst our most popular rooms and we know that people love them because they tell us exactly that.

Carefully hidden clues.

In each themed room there are some carefully hidden clues that the team must find. They could be anywhere, from the door frames to under the carpet, from under book shelves to actually being inside a book. You’ll need your eyes peeled to find them. All of the clues will lead to you working out and solving a puzzle, which in turn leads to you finding the key and unlocking the door.

60 Minutes to Escape.

You’re working against the clock and you have to solve all the clues to unlock the door. You will only have 60 minutes to get out. In that 60 minutes you must find all the clues and solve them. If you fail you’ve lost the game, but you’ll be pleased to know we don’t leave you in there indefinitely! We will let you out! In fact, many of those that do fail first time usually come back and try again, over and over because they love to play and we know you will too.

Milton Keynes - for the best in Escape Games.

Now you know what Escape Rooms are, we want to see you down here playing your best game, and getting immersed in the thrill of the search for clues. Bring your friends or family or both and book your room either online or over the phone. If you have any more questions about what we’ve discussed today - give us a call or contact us online.

Escape Peterborough - Escape Room FAQs

In our post this week, we’ve gathered together our most popular frequently asked questions so you’ll have answers to your most pressing questions. We hope you find them useful, and if you don’t find the answers to your question in this post, please feel free to give us a call and we’ll always try our best to help you out.

First, what are Escape Games?

Escape Games are all about playing against the clock. You’re locked in a room with between 2 to 6 people. The room will be themed, using ideas from popular culture. There will be carefully hidden clues to find and you need to find and solve them within the hour so you can unlock the room and escape. If you don’t do it within the allotted 60 minutes, you’ve lost.

Is there an age limit?

No there isn’t, anyone can play, but the game can be a little physically and mentally demanding, so anyone younger than 10 might struggle. If you do decide to bring children under the age of 16 we usually suggest that they’re accompanied by adults.

If I’m a little claustrophobic should I stay away?

No, the rooms are probably a lot bigger than you’d think so you won’t be cramped in a corner for 60 minutes. However, if you still feel uncomfortable we can leave the door open for you or unlocked and you can still play the game.

How many people can play?

We usually suggest you have at least 2 so you’ll have someone to help you find the clues, and no more than 6 so you’re not tripping over each other. We usually suggest under the maximum number but more than 2, so there’s a good level of interaction, but not too many of you.

How much time is required?

Well, as you will have probably worked out by now, you’ll need 60 minutes in the room itself to find the clues and unlock the room. However, we usually ask you to come here at least 30 minutes before you’re due to start so we can brief you on health & safety and on what to expect throughout the game. We’d therefore suggest an hour and a half, so if you fit this into your day, you should have more than enough time.

Escape Peterborough - for an our of Escapism fun.

Now you have the answers, we’re hoping you’ll now book your themed room, either online or off, and join us for an hour’s fun. We know you’ll love it, and remember, if you haven’t found the question you were asking here, contact us and we’ll try our best to answer it. See you soon!

Escape Peterborough - What are Escape Rooms?

Today we ask the question, what are Escape Rooms? We know that some of you may be on the fence about joining us because you’re still relatively unsure what they are. You’ve heard about it from family and friends and now you’d like to know more. You’ve found your way to our website here at Peterborough – which is great news! Now, we’re here to explain to you what they are exactly, and we believe that once you know more, you’ll be ready to book your room and have the best kind of escapism you’ve had in a long, long time. 

Locked in a room for one hour.

Yes, our Escape Rooms are places where you and a group of friends are locked in a room for one hour or sixty minutes. In this hour you must find a series of clues which are very carefully hidden all around the room, you’ll need to look very carefully in every nook and cranny to find them. They could be in door frames, under carpets, on the shelves and under the tables. We’ve been very clever where we’ve secreted the clues, so don’t expect to find them too quickly – we’ll make you work your noggins off to find them.

Themed rooms.

Yes, this could be the best thing about the Escape Rooms Game, we don’t think it is, but it can be a game changer for people on the fence about coming down to spend time with us, because it’s the most original and unique way of playing a game. You see, each room is decorated and furnished in a particular theme, usually taken from popular culture. Whether it’s Area 51 or Sherlock Holmes, Witchcraft and Wizardry or The Heist, you have the opportunity to get lost in your imagination and forget about the humdrum existence of ordinary life. 

Teamwork is key.

Your team will help you discover the secret of how to unlock the door in your chosen Escape Room. When you’re in the room you’ll need a team, preferably a motley crew of talented, problem solving sleuths who are up to the task, and don’t mind running around searching and looking, then using their analytical and logical skills to work out what it all means. And why? To unlock the room and once unlocked you’ve escaped. If you’ve managed to escape within the hour, well done you, we’ll properly congratulate you once you’re out. You deserve a pint at the local pub where you can regale to anyone who will listen how truly amazing you really are and how you couldn’t have done it without your devoted team of experts.

Escape Peterborough – Escape Rooms that test your mettle. Now you know what you’re dealing with, you can now book your room, either online or over the phone. We’d love to have you here and you’ll have such a great time, just like all our other visitors. Even if you lose, let’s say you don’t get out in time? It’s not the end of the world, because you can try again, lots of other people do and it’s not all about the winning, it’s about taking some time out, being with like-minded friends and just having a great time, to laugh, play and play a game. Why not join us?