Why You Should Book an Escape Room Birthday Party

Today we’re talking about birthdays, they may not be your favourite day of the year but we love them. We also see a lot more people come here to celebrate them too. The reason for this is that it’s such a great way to celebrate your birthday, all those you get every year and those special milestone birthdays. What better way than to celebrate your birthday with an Escape Game Challenge in one of our themed rooms?

Birthday parties can be expensive

Birthday parties can cost an arm and a leg. Whether you celebrate at home, at the pub, or hire a venue, once you’ve paid for all the food, entertainment, etc, you’ve got an empty wallet. With Escape Room Games you pay only for your ticket in and everyone else can pay for their own, and then it’s just you, your friends and the game. 

Live entertainment game for those that love to talk

Yes, it’s a game and it’s a great opportunity to communicate in an interactive game that is fun and for everyone. Look at everyone’s communication styles and how people interact with each other, it’s a great way to see how people collaborate. It’s a great opportunity to work with your friends in a way that’s both challenging and tremendous fun.

Escape Rooms are for everyone regardless of age

Anyone under sixteen will need supervised, but as long as there’s an adult there, they can take part too. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to take part either, it’s not that difficult and yes a child can definitely play, so Escape Rooms are for the whole family - what better way to celebrate a birthday?

No, you don’t like surprise birthday parties or dinner-parties

If you’re shy and you like to be in a small group of friends, a massive party might be the last thing you’d want, and who can blame you? Not everyone is a fan of the surprise, much less the surprise birthday party. If you don’t fancy walking into a crowded room full of friends and family bellowing happy birthday at you, and making you want to cringe - and maybe there’s one or two not-such-great-friends there too who’ve come as well, you might be in the mood to run for the hills. Perhaps Escape Room Games is the very best alternative, and just the thing to keep you happy. Small groups in an intimate setting, but also having tremendous fun. What could be better than this?

Escape Peterborough - for the best birthday you’ve ever had

If you’re sick of traditional birthday parties, you hate surprises and no, you don’t want to sit around a dinner table making boring conversation with people you’d rather not be in a room with, why not book a room with us and have the time of your life. A nice intimate setting, one room, a small group of friends and some clues to chase down. We can guarantee you’ll love it! Book online or over the phone and we’ll see you here at Escape Peterborough!