What Type of Escape Room Player are You?

So what type of Escape Room player are YOU then? Do you go where no one else dares to, or are you the relentless one who won’t give up until the very last second? Well today we’re going to take a look and see which type of player you are, and you may find you’re the ideal Escape Room Game player – and designed to win.

The Relentless Pursuer

Are you the one with a fixed stare, the one who starts an investigation that never stops until the clock stops? Are you the one everyone else is just a little bit intimidated by? Perhaps then you’re the Relentless Pursuer, he/she who must win and never, ever gives up until someone says it’s over. You’re very determined and you don’t stop, you’re an asset to the whole team, but try to make sure you’re not still looking after the game’s ended and someone has to remind you it’s over.

Are you the compulsive one?

Perhaps you visit Escape Rooms all over the UK in a bid to try and win all of them. You love it so much you know every single room and you’re quite happy if people know it. No one will know the game better than you do, no one will be able to understand the game the way you do, because nobody else knows it as intimately as you do. 

The Lead man or woman?

Are you the one who takes control – every time? You’ll be the delegator and the leader. The person who will make sure everyone is doing everything they’re supposed to be doing. You can stop any friction and keep people on task, that way the job gets done. Yes, the game wouldn’t go so well or be so successful without someone like you there to delegate and over any arguments or disagreements. 

The Dorky One

Yes, he or she is the one who picks at the locks, goes over every clue with a fine-tooth comb, discussing each one in detail at the pub later, and then discusses the intimate details of the game with everyone who took part and even those who didn’t. In the meantime, you’ll be the one with all the attention while you’re in the room, finding clues, solving them and then understanding every single bit of each one.

The One Who’s-Always-Unsure

Yes, you’re the one who is never able to make up their minds. You’re all over the room, and all over the place. You can’t seem to decide what you’re supposed to do, and you can’t make your mind up about anything else either. You have no methodology, no focus, and frankly no idea. This could cost everyone if someone else doesn’t take charge. It could be a matter of someone keeping a close eye on you, and you’ll be glad they did because it’ll keep you on task, so let someone else take charge, and keep your attention where it’s needed most.

Escape Peterborough – so, which one are you?

Have you been able to recognise yourself? Are you any of the people we’ve described above like you? Or perhaps you know someone who fits the bill for at least one or even two of them? Why not choose your team wisely, and then book your room with us either online or over the phone? You and your team can then do their stuff once you’re here.