Why Escape Rooms Are So Popular

Escape Rooms are popular and there’s one popping up in almost every town and city, question is, why? Today, we’re going to be tackling that very question, so read on to find out why escape rooms are so popular and why you should be the one who tries it next!

Give Yourself an Escape Route

While most of us lead such busy lives, escape rooms gives us…. well....a means of escape. It’s a place where we can forget the daily grind and transport ourselves into another world. This is a world where you can be someone else if you want, or just yourself having a good time. You’re in a room with friends and you can leave behind the stresses and strains of modern life and forget about all that for now. This unique experience requires full immersion so there’s no time to dwell on the outside world.

Get Your Adrenaline Going

And that adrenaline rush is superb, that sense of real urgency, where you only have one hour, 60 minutes in which to escape. It’s fast paced and exciting and this is what makes people want to come back for more. Not everyone gets it first time, an hour isn’t long if you’re doing this for the first time, but people come back because they want to get it right, or perhaps they got out, but now they want to improve on their original time.

Themed Rooms So You Can Really Immerse Yourself

The rooms are themed, so you can be in any time or place of your choosing, just pick the room that appeals to you the most. Whether it’s the wild west, the world of casinos or a world of mysterious witchcraft, perhaps you may prefer a little Sherlock mystery or perhaps you’d like to be transported to Renaissance Italy – the choice is yours.

For The Love of The Game

And who doesn’t love a game? It’s a refreshing experience to be playing a real live game where you interact with real people, instead of everyone being immersed in your phone or tablet. There’s the same sense of accomplishment at the end of it and that great feeling of reward and of winning. As with other games and sports, the praise at the end of it and that sweet feeling of success when you win is all you need to make you feel re-energised and ready to join the world again.

Escape Games Peterborough

Think you feel curious enough to try it now? Why not join us for some escape games here in Peterborough and you can see whether you enjoy the thrill of the game. Once you’ve tried it though, you may feel an addiction coming on and an urge to visit us again – don’t say we didn’t warn you.