How to Be Successful in Escape Rooms

How can you be successful in our escape rooms? If you want to win within the 60 minutes you’re in there, you’ll need a strategy and you’ll need the right people with you in your team before you start. Thankfully, you’ve got us to help you, so just get in there and read our fabulous guide to be the most successful you can be in our escape rooms.

Carefully Choose Who You Take With You

Firstly, which group people do you plan on taking with you? Do they all possess the skills needed to win? But what are those skills? Well, what you need are skills such as attention to detail, ideally someone who is really observant. You also want people who are good at communicating and working as part of a team. It’s not all about one individual, the better you all work together, the better the chance of escaping. You don’t someone who’s going to start squabbling with other people in order to get out.

If you’re stuck, let the games-master know!

If you need a clue, don’t be afraid to ask for one, because it may be the difference between getting out or losing. If you really are stuck then don’t be a schmuck, let whoever is running the game know and ask for that all important clue.

Don’t lose your clues!

As you collect all your clues once you’ve found them, the last thing you want to do is lose them all. Find a safe place to keep them until you reach the end. What you don’t want is to misplace one or two of them and then not be able to decipher the remaining clues to get out. You’ll need all of them not just a few, in order for them to make sense.

Escape Peterborough – Thrilling Escape Room Fun

So, do you think you’ve got all worked out? Got your crack team together in your head? Why not book your room with us then here at Escape Peterborough and try your luck?