What are Escape Rooms?

We’re going to explore exactly what Escape Rooms are today, and we hope that after we’ve gone into some detail, you’ll be having a ‘sit up and listen’ moment as you see how amazing they really are. It’s a great time to visit Escape Rooms because they’re becoming so popular with people from all walks of life who come here time and again to play our Escape Games. Often, people don’t succeed the first time, but they still come back again and again because they enjoy it so much. We’re convinced you’ll be feeling the same way….

So what are the Escape Rooms?

Escape Rooms are medium sized themed rooms to look like a famous film, book or story that’s captured the public’s imagination. It can be anything from popular culture. Most of our rooms are almost identical across the country using the same themes, although there are some variations in each location. We have Harry Potter, Area 51, Contagion, Taken, Sherlock Holmes amongst our most popular rooms and we know that people love them because they tell us exactly that.

Carefully hidden clues.

In each themed room there are some carefully hidden clues that the team must find. They could be anywhere, from the door frames to under the carpet, from under book shelves to actually being inside a book. You’ll need your eyes peeled to find them. All of the clues will lead to you working out and solving a puzzle, which in turn leads to you finding the key and unlocking the door.

60 Minutes to Escape.

You’re working against the clock and you have to solve all the clues to unlock the door. You will only have 60 minutes to get out. In that 60 minutes you must find all the clues and solve them. If you fail you’ve lost the game, but you’ll be pleased to know we don’t leave you in there indefinitely! We will let you out! In fact, many of those that do fail first time usually come back and try again, over and over because they love to play and we know you will too.

Milton Keynes - for the best in Escape Games.

Now you know what Escape Rooms are, we want to see you down here playing your best game, and getting immersed in the thrill of the search for clues. Bring your friends or family or both and book your room either online or over the phone. If you have any more questions about what we’ve discussed today - give us a call or contact us online.