Best Team Building Activities

If you’ve got a project looming and you’re looking to improve team building through various activities that foster collaboration and communication, then we’ve come up with a few team building activities and ideas you’ll want to explore. Read on and find out where your next team building activity is.

Military Style Boot Camp

This isn’t for everyone, but if your team are fairly healthy with a reasonable level of fitness, then they may want to try out a military style boot camp. These types of camps are usually put together by ex-military and they’ll be the right people to put your team through this gruelling yet fun boot camp. It’ll be a great way of identifying your team’s strengths and their weaknesses as well as getting them out and about taking part in some healthy exercise.

Cook Off?

You could split your team into two and then pit them against each other with a cooking challenge. By creating new recipes and dishes together they’ll be thinking carefully about how they can win, challenging each other’s skills, trying very hard to create the best dish of all.

Volleyball, Zipwire and Beachball.

Games of this nature can be great fun and a perfect opportunity to bond with each other. They can pick up new skills, and you can identify ones they didn’t know they even had, so back at the office, you can utilise them to best effect. If they’re playing against each other, it’s all about teamwork, victory and competition, with no particular individual allowed to dominate, everyone must work together.

Board Games

Yes, you could have a games tournament with your team split into separate groups where they can pit themselves against each other in a mini-tournament. You can even do it at work in a separate room where each person can leave their desk for a designated period of time to compete. It doesn’t matter what it is, whether it’s Jenga or simple card games, if it gets people talking to each other and breaks the ice with new members, then it’s a worthwhile endeavour. You’ll also be able to see who’s good at working out puzzles and problems and how they work their way through any obstacles.

Finally, Escape Games Peterborough For Really Unique and Exciting Team Building Activity

They’re locked in a room together for 60 minutes and they must find their way out by solving a range of cryptic clues and puzzles which have been carefully hidden in a themed room. You’ll get to create some real teamwork and help identify hidden skills. Come on down and visit us here at Escape Peterborough and book your room, we can’t wait to see you!