How to Be Successful in an Escape Room

If you’re planning on paying us a visit here at Escape Peterborough, you’re probably wondering what you can do to be successful. It’s not the end of the world if you’re not, because you’re always welcome to come and try again as many times as you like. We have lots of people who come and try to beat the clock. 

Today, we’re looking at how you can be successful in an escape room and we have no doubt that once you’ve read our tips, you’ll be well on the way to successfully beating the clock.

A good team with a mix of skills is a strong team

As you know an escape room is a game where you are locked in a room and have to solve a series of clues before you can escape. In order to have a chance of success, you need to have a good team with a lot of different talent to bring to the game. You’ll be looking for good maths skills, someone attentive, someone logical and some people with excellent problem-solving skills. And of course, you want people who are good at communicating and working as part of a team. 

Search every nook and corner

Once you start looking for clues make sure you look everywhere, top, bottom and in every corner you can find. Once you find the clues, place each one in a central place where you can go back to them once you have found them all. Don’t leave them somewhere where you may lose them and have to start searching for them all-over again. 

Don’t remain stuck on one clue

Don’t stick to one clue if you’re stuck, go on to the next and come back to it afresh. Time spent on one clue for too long and you’ll waste precious time. Work methodically and calmly and you have a better chance of success. 

Don’t allow any one person to dominate the game, they may lead the team astray

This isn’t a platform for one person with a loud voice and an ego to satisfy to demonstrate their talent, this is a game that needs everyone to have their say and work as part of a team, so allow this to happen. It helps if your team has a mixture of different characteristics that all compliment each other. That’s preferable to a group of people who are very quiet and introverted or a group of extroverts who are fighting to be the loudest, funniest and the most dominant. 

Escape Peterborough – for the most fun you can have in a locked room

If you now think you can have a crack at it and possibly win, why not book your room and come on down? We’d love to see you here and we guarantee that even if you’re not successful you’ll still enjoy yourself, it’s so much fun and we can’t wait to see you here, so book your escape room today.